Welcome to - The State Of Jefferson Paranormal Society
I co-founded SJPS to help people in need of answers                              Ive always been interested in the paranormal, my life  
to the paranormal. I have investigated in the field                                 experiences over the years have puled me closer to finding      
of paranormal research for almost 20yrs, learning                                  out what happens to us when we die. Showing clients               
paranormal theories and writing my own.                                             who are having activity they are not alone is my specialty.
I've been interested in the paranormal since I was a child.                           I've had lots of unexplained experiences in my life, I'm in
As Tech-manager, I keep track of all the equipment-before, during,           search of answers. I have a CIS degree, and love learning
and after and investigation.                                                                        about the paranormal and am willing to do anything new.
I've had paranormal experiences since I was an infant                                                            Diane S. -Trainee
Seriously, I used to have a spirit rock me to sleep in my cradle,                                I have been a registered nurse for the last 30yrs, 20 of those
when I would cry. I've experienced many diverse paranormal                                   years in the Psych/Addiction field. I've lived in a home        
incidences, but remain a skeptic. I look for every possible natural                           rife with activity, and have had many experiences.
cause for any activity.                                                                                                       

            Cambian C. -Trainee                                                                         

If you are interested in joining our group please fill out the application below and e-mail it to StateofJeffersonPS.com and a founder will contact you. Thank you for taking out the time to look at our site, we hope you enjoyed it. Please come back soon for more findings updates.

State of Jefferson

Paranormal Society Application.

Name:______________________                 Home #:____________________

Occupation:_________________                  Cell #:__________________



Website/myspace/Facebook URL:__________________________________________________________

I am (Circle one): Single /  Married  / In a serious relationship.

1.     What is you highest level of education?_________________________________________....

2.     Have you ever been arrested, Charged or convicted of a crime?  Yes/ No....

3.     Are you currently involved in any on-going litigations?     Yes / No....

4.     Explain your interest in the paranormal. Have you had personal experiances with the paranormal? Do you study or read about metaphysics, demonlogy or the supernatural?_________________________________________

5.     Rate your level of experience with paranormal investigation (Circle One) ....


Please Explain: __________________________________________________________

7.     What skills do you have to offer an investigative team? What could be your specialty?__________________________________________

      8.     Do you consider yourself a skeptic? Explain : _____________________________________                                     9. Would you be able to travel to investigation sites?

Please submit a recant photo of yourself with you name and phone number to the e-mail address below. This application can be scanned and e-mailed to this address....

  E-mail : StateofJeffersonPS@yahoo.com

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