Welcome to - The State Of Jefferson Paranormal Society
  ****Order of Operations**** 
Equipment used by SJPS

Visual Equipment
Camcorders                                    Digital Cameras
Infrared Camcorders                     Digital Infrared Camera

Sound Equipment
Digital Voice Recorders
Tape Recorder

Energy Detection equipment
K-II EMF Detectors
Fluke Multimeter

Temperature Reading equipment
Weather Station                             
Digital Infrared Thermometer

Computer Equipment
Laptops                                          GIMP 2 Photo Editing
Infrared Web cam and Mic          Ghost Box/Speakjet
Audacity Audio Editing               

Miscellaneous Equipment

Electromagnetic Pump                   LED Flashlights                         Laser Pins   
Infrared Goggles                            LED Infrared Flashlights            Infrared Spotlights
Walkie Talkies                                Black Lights                              

State Of Jefferson Paranormal Society
Rules of Membership

1. Fill out the application, e-mail it back to StateofJeffersonPS@yahoo.com
2. Wait for response from a member of the team either by e-mail or by phone.
3. Attend the next available group meeting where application will be discussed and active members will agree on allowing applicant to be a guest in an investigation and information on the next investigation will be given.
4. Join SJPS on an investigation as a guest.
5. Join SJPS to go over findings on the investigation.

6.SJPS member will have a meeting to discuss the new applicant and wither agree or disagree if the applicant should be allowed on more outings. Applicant will receive a phone call from one of the co-founders in regards to the ruling.
 Yes= Applicant must do three investigations, attend all meetings, and go over any evidence the group caught on an investigation.
  No= Applicant was denied membership to SJPS and can try again in six months.
*Guest now has four investigations under experience, four group findings, multiple group meetings.
7. Before fifth investigation guest now receives all SJPS codes of ethics laws, rules, guidelines, and becomes aware of the evaluation process and it titles as a trainee.
8. Trainee learns, follows, and listens to active members in regards to research, equipment. investigations, and findings.
9. After a couple of months a unanimous decision by active members of the group will e made to promote trainee to an active member.
10. As an active member, you now hold a place in the group in regards to decisions, a specialty and be assigned higher responsibilities for the group.
SJPS Code of Ethics
The concept has come to mean various things to various people, but generally its coming to know what is right or wrong in the workplace and doing what's right-this is in regard to effects of products and services.
SJPS is committed to operating its business with ethics, integrity and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. Dealing honestly and fairly with others and doing our best to make the right choices will help us achieve our business goals and maintain a great working environment. SJPS values integrity, honesty, fairness and ethics as the cornerstones of all investigators behaviors. Specifically, we expect all investigators to : Tell the truth, Be fair, Respect others, Use good judgment, Encourage intellectual curiosity and honesty. By keeping these values in sight as we conduct every aspect of our business, we can be sure to treat others as we would like to be treated pursue only those business opportunities that will support these values and promote relationships and partnerships that will withstand the highest public scrutiny and ethical review. These values should serve as a touchstone for all of us as we conduct business for SJPS.
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